Get Hopped Up At The Magnet on June 3rd

Got a serious ‘thing’ for hoppy beer? Good news for you: The Magnet has declared Sunday, June 3rd as a day of hop devotion, with the return of ‘Hoppapalooza’.

From 4-10pm the hoppy suds (and a few BC ciders) will be flowing from the Magnet’s taps, including six special beers whole-heartedly brewed by Brassneck’s lead brewer (and hop-head), Jeff Leake, in collaboration with Vancouver breweries Luppolo, Beere, Parallel 49, Field House, and Superflux, plus Woodcutter’s Blanket from the Yukon. Other breweries tossing their offerings into the ring include: Backcountry, Four Winds, Herald Street, House of Funk, Neighbourhood, Shaketown, Small Gods, Strange Fellows, Studio, and Twin Sails. Besides a beer list to do the former Alibi Room’s OG Hoppapalooza fest due honour, guests can also expect an on-theme retro (90’s) Lollapalooza inspired playlist pumping from the speakers (since when has The Magnet ever done anything half-assed?)

The cost of a single ticket ($97.82 all-in) will certainly weed out the less faithful hop-loving beer drinkers of the bunch – but when you consider the breakdown, it’s definitely worth it’s price tag: tax and grats are included, plus all the beer you care to drink over the the six-hour-long event, along with a helping of fully loaded Uncle Greg’s World Famous Chili (also an Alibi throwback) to keep your motor running, and an exclusive stemmed glass emblazoned with The Magnet’s killer branding to take home.

Enough said? If you’re still feeling a bit befuddled about why you didn’t catch wind of such big beer event news sooner, it’s not without reason, since all of the special collab beers came together within a matter of weeks. (Leake’s love for hoppy beers is no joke.) Now that you do know though, score your tickets to the fest here.

Also of note: if you’re a Vancouver Islander or are Victoria-bound the weekend of June 3rd, you can still get a taste of all the Hoppapalooza collabs, alongside a slew of other hop-forward stuff, by swinging by The Drake Eatery the day-of from noon until close – no tickets required. Find out more.

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