Four Hospitality Professionals + Artists Coming Together for a Special Art Show, June 1st

acrylic, graphite, oil pastel on Lisa Rose


On June 1st, the Irish Heather is bringing together the works of four hospitality industry professionals for the Three Servers and a Pastry Chef pop-up art show and sale.

Hospitality work can be all-consuming, and both physically and mentally challenging at the best of times, but the last few years of uncertainty and stress have demanded a more-than-average amount of energy from anyone working in the industry. That’s why it’s especially inspiring to see a group of people who log so many hours on restaurant floors and kitchens not only finding the drive to unite around something beyond the immediate demands of their day jobs, but also doing it in a way reminding us that creative energy is still out there and being transformed into cool things. Three Servers and a Pastry Chef is an endeavour that deserves our support. Hustle down to The Shebeen (the subterranean level of the Irish Heather in Chinatown) to check out the works of:

Yvette Beesley | Server + Sculptor
Lisa Rose | Server + Painter + Designer
Kenta Takahashi | Pastry Chef + Photographer
Meaghan Kennedy | Server + Piñata Artist

Doors open at 4pm on Thursday, June 1st – which means that even if you’re someone working in the hospitality industry, a quick pre-shift visit is probably feasible. Not working that night? Even better! Grab a pint and hang around to chat and appreciate some art.

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  1. Michelle and Scout Magazine. This post is appreciated!!! It is the 2nd industry pop I am hosting. Please come by. Support Sean in his new space. See what people do outside of the room they work in. Pre-service is definitely happening from 3-4 pm. More of these events to come!