Snag Tickets to Wild Thing’s Maritime-Inspired Seafood Adventure Series

Clams, crabs, mussels and shrimp will come to a boil with some good corn and a couple of hearty spuds at Wild Thing’s Main Street location Sunday, April 30th, May 28 and June 25.

The seafood feast also includes Nelson the Seagull sourdough (so good) to aid in your efforts to mop up every last bit of buttery, bivalve-y bisque-like broth, and a “cheap ass beer”. A single ticket will run you $50, and covers everything just described.

Down for the Maritime-inspired adventure? There is only a small window of opportunity to snag the few remaining tickets for either the 5:30pm or 7:30pm seating. To secure yourself a spot at the table, shoot the team an email at [email protected] ASAP. (FYI there are also Seafood Boils planned for May 28th, and June 25th.) You know the deal: come as you are, and have a good time!

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