Upstart & Crow is Throwing a “Buzzworthy” Book Launch and Cocktail Party, April 27th

Screenshot of Jennifer Croll (above) and Buzzworthy (below) via Upstart & Crow

Granville Island bookshop, Upstart & Crow, is throwing an event next month that combines a few of our favourite things: books, cocktails, and rad, creative women. No tickets are required, but we think that having a bit of forethought to block the date off of your calendar is probably a good idea, so we’re telling you about it well in advance.

The event comes hot on the heels of the April 11th release of a new cocktail recipe book with an intriguing premise, by local author, Jennifer Croll…It’s called Buzzworthy: Cocktails Inspired by Female Literary Greats (Prestel Publishing, 2023), and it contains 50 unique recipes for drinks based on as many notably awesome women writers spanning genres and literary forms. Each recipe is also accompanied by a brief profile of their muse (so you can brush up on your literary history, also) and an illustration by Detroit-based artist, Rachelle Baker. From the publisher: “Perfect for literary-themed parties as well as intimate gatherings, this book itself is an intoxicating, lip-loosening brew made of equal parts sophistication and fun.”

Speaking of parties, Upstart & Crow’s is happening on Thursday, April 27th from 6-9pm. If you haven’t yet popped your head into the shop, then consider this fair warning that the space is super small (as in 45-person capacity small), so showing up early is wise, if not necessary. Lest that deter you, wait for the kicker: drinks from the book will be served, and copies will be available to purchase, with the first 40 sold being accompanied by a free drink ticket. Not bad for a Thursday night! Find out more.

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