Shaketown Brewing is Throwing a ‘Beer Poking’ Party, March 4th

There’s a nifty sounding beer event happening at Shaketown Brewing this upcoming weekend, that appeals to our historical and food science curiosities, as well as our thirst for good beer…

On Saturday, March 4th, the North Van brewery is throwing a Beer Poking party – to the best of their (and our) knowledge, a milestone event for the Greater Vancouver area. For the uninitiated (we’re lumping ourselves in there too), ‘beer poking’ is a centuries-old European winter tradition, whereby a hot metal rod is dipped into dark, malty beers, causing caramelization (yum!) and a more full-bodied, sweeter, smoother and frothier beer (double yum!) as a result. Some beers currently on tap, and ideal for being poked (free of charge) include an Altbier, The Smoked Cocoa Bock, and a Chicory Stout.

Besides the poking setup, guests can expect the usual makings of a proper Shaketown party. We’re talking live music sets (performed by local musician Jacob Dryden and DJ mr.stee), as well as Japanese-Hawaiian chow being served up by Kyu Grill.

Intrigued? All of the poking and party action kicks off at 5pm, and will continue until late. Get more details about the event here.

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