Fuel Up with the Farmer’s Apprentice End-of-the-Week Midday Feast

The Farmer’s Apprentice is bringing back lunch service – and they’re getting smokey about it! Starting Friday, February 3rd, the West Side restaurant will offer Basta Barbecue & Wine lunch every Friday and Saturday from noon until 4pm.

Using cooking techniques inspired by central Texas-style barbecue as his foundation, Executive Chef Alden Ong will cook satisfying end-of-the-week/start-of-the-weekend midday feasts featuring a rotating array of meats and vegetables using creative twists and local ingredients.

As Ong explains: “We want to take the best of barbecue; the technique and the flavour imparted by low-temperature, slow cooking over a wood fire. However, we don’t want to simply replicate it – we want our food to reflect our time and place. Old barbecue favourites will always be part of the menu, but we will also cook proteins, vegetables and sides that reflect the cultural diversity of Vancouver and utilize what is grown locally.”

Extra good news: The Farmers Apprentice Team will also have a small selection of natural wine and locally produced craft beer to pair with your meal.

The way we see it, Basta Barbecue & Wine is the perfect excuse to cut out of work and begin your weekend early, and motivation to get out of the house on a wintry Saturday…Stay tuned to the Farmer’s Apprentice Instagram feed for more info, including menu specifics and reservations.

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