Revel in a Night of Seafood, Wine and Good Times at Juice Bar, Dec. 20th

L to R: Chefs Devon Latte (The Acorn) and Lucas Johnston (Juice Bar)

Attention seafood-lovers: free up a chunk of space in your calendar tomorrow evening (December 20th) for Juice Bar wine bar’s one-night-only ‘A Feast of Seven Fishes’ extravaganza.

Just for the night, Juice Bar’s Chef Lucas Johnston will be reuniting with former kitchen mate at The Acorn (where he was previously Sous Chef), Chef Devon Latte, to collaborate on the special menu. Although what exactly the two have planned is yet to be announced, frankly, there are already more than enough details to convince us that the night will be full of amazing food – think oysters, clams, mussels and shrimp cocktail – matched with an equally great and well-thought-out selection of ‘natty’ wines. Add to that a bunch of fun-loving, passionate folks working the Front of House, and this has all the makings of a good time, done “Juice Bar style” (FYI roughly translated, that means laid-back vibes and walk-ins only).

A Feast of Seven Fishes goes down Tuesday beginning at 5pm and will continue until late but hey, it’s the holidays! Even if you aren’t a ‘holiday person’, persay, if you need an excuse to revel in good food, wine and company on a weeknight, then consider yourself covered. Check out the JB Instagram feed for more info and, potentially, further menu details.

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