Head to East Van for Some Solid Local Tunes This Saturday, Nov. 19

There’s a show happening at The Lido this Saturday (November 19th) that you should put this on your radar, with bands KCAR and Frog Eyes.

Now that it’s dark before dinnertime, we know how difficult it can be getting motivated to go out. A good gig is an excellent source of inspiration. KCAR (Fiona Ackerman, Jenni Lee, Lyndsay Sung) are sure to get restore your energy levels with their upbeat and cheeky, garage rock tunes. And, if you’re not versed in local music lore, alt-rock band Frog Eyes only recently reunited after splitting up four years ago, with nearly two decades of playing together under their belts (their latest release, The Bees came out earlier this year, in April 2022 – a whole twenty years after putting out their very first album together!) Plus, we love The Lido’s dark and cozy vibes…That all adds up to a good time, in our books!

The music will begin at 9pm(ish). Roll in early to stake out a seat and warm up with a pint of something local on tap. Tickets are just $15 each, and are available from The Lido now. See you on Saturday! And, in the meantime, have a listen to KCAR via their Bandcamp page, and scope out the latest video from Frog Eyes below…

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