Brighten Up Wednesday with Some Dachi-Style Snack Bar Energy

Screenshot via @dachivancouver

Today is the day! For one-night-only, on what would usually be the team’s “Sunday” (Wednesday, October 26th), Dachi restaurant will be opening doors for a walk-in snack bar situation involving dumplings, karaage, and wafu pasta, as well as Japanese whiskey highballs and lots of sake.

Although Chef Ben Berwick is known to occasionally slip izakaya-style plates onto Dachi’s ever-changing menu (if you’ve been delighted by the menchi-katsu or cod korokke, then you know what we’re talking about) this will be one of the rare occasions that a full snack bar menu will be on offer. We recommend taking full advantage. Plus, these guys know how to throw an event. The good times begin this afternoon (Wednesday, October 26th) at 4pm. See you there!

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