Try Belgard Kitchen’s New Butter Board, Available for a Limited Time Only

The Goods from Belgard Kitchen

Vancouver, BC | A foodie trend too fun and too decadent to miss, hit up Belgard Kitchen for a #butterboard until the viral butter mania “melts” away!

What’s a butter board? As seen on TikTok and Instagram, the Butter Board is the newest online foodie obsession. The concept is just as it sounds: a board covered in butter, adorned with toppings and garnishes of your choice (bonus points for aesthetics), with a side of warm bread to dig into it all.

Curious about the trend, but unlikely to build your own BB at home? Come by Belgard and try ours:

whipped lemon herb butter w/ pickled snap peas, radish, pea tops, red wine reduction, served w/ fresh baked house focaccia

Available evenings from 3pm to late, for a limited time. Reservations: [email protected] or 604-699-1989.

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