What’s Pumping on the Speakers (and Headphones) of Patrick Hennessy

Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites (and, occasionally, other BC-ers) to scour their sonic-led memories to pull out the three albums anchoring their musical tastes.

Today we hear from Barbara‘s Patrick Hennessy, who is known for his talent in the kitchen, as well as for filling his tiny 17-seat Chinatown restaurant with a top-notch 90’s hiphop playlist on the regular. We recently caught up with Hennessy to quiz him about his top three albums of all time, only to find out that his choices are all tied to specific eras of his cooking career…

The Presets | Apocalypso

Awesome Australian electro duo. This album was our pump-up album pre-service at Chambar back in the day. Nothing like some hard electro to get you in the mood to cook 150lbs of mussels.

LCD Soundsystem | Sound of Silver

Listened to this album on repeat riding the subway to and from work in New York. Great music for walking around an energetic city to.

Nas | Illmatic

We listen to 90’s hip hop every night at Barbara. There is no greater 90’s rap album than this. Every time a song from this album comes on, I can’t help but smile.

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