The Burrow Gives a Supplier Shout Out to El Comal Mexican Foods

Scout works with a lot of local restaurants to get the word out about the cool and delicious things that they’re doing, but they couldn’t do what they do without access to awesome ingredients. To get what they need, culinary creatives depend on passionate artisans, farmers and producers. Because the realities of rising food costs, climate change and staffing issues across the board make it more important than ever to ensure our local networks are supported – and since it’s always good to recognize those who have your back – we bring you the Supplier Shout Out!

This time around, The Burrow Restaurant shouts out the local business that has been providing their Commercial Drive establishment’s kitchen with invaluable menu components for the past decade-plus…

Which one of your suppliers do you want to give a shout out to? El Comal Mexican Foods.

What do they supply you with? Handmade Tortilla Chips and Corn Tortillas.

What makes El Comal so special? We’ve been working with El Comal for over 10 years as one of our core suppliers. El Comal is a locally owned and operated Tortilleria and Mexican Foods supplier. We feel excited to outsource the manufacturing of our handmade corn tortillas and tortilla chips to Elsa and her team at El Comal – where we can count on the consistency and high quality, without spending so much of our kitchen resources to attempt this on our own. Their handmade products really lend themselves to making our menu items shine!

How is this ingredient featured on your menu? Mix & Match Tacos starting at 2 for $8.25. A Variety of Nachos starting at $18.50.

Is there a local glass of wine or beer that you’d like to suggest pairing with this dish? No pairing is as perfect as a plate of Nachos and a cold pint of beer. We recommend Slowhand’s Pilsner or The Guardian IPA from our friends over at Strange Fellows Brewing.

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