‘Sausage & Rosé’ Returns at Oh Carolina This Sunday, August 14th

Photo credit: Jeffrey Wong

The Goods from Oh Carolina

Vancouver, BC | The Garden Party series at Oh Carolina continues after a hugely successful event last Sunday with ‘Sheik Shack’. This Sunday, August 14th promises to be one of the most exciting parties of the summer, as Sausage & Rosé makes its triumphant return!

The annual tradition started way back in the Abigail’s Party days, and continued at Wildebeest and The Diamond for some years before finding a new home at Oh Carolina! The event celebrates the sometimes surprising pairing of various sausages in all their forms with complementary rosés. This year, Bufala Kerrisdale’s Chef Kevin brings his brand of cooking with merguez lamb & pepperonata sausage coils, chorizo patatas brava, mini hot dogs, and a sweet & savoury mortadella cannolo. Gooseneck Wine Director Michael Littleford has prepared a strong list of some local and international rosés, as well as some other carefully selected beverages to round things out!

The rosé will splash, and the sausages will sizzle this Sunday from 3pm onward. No tickets are required, so come on down with friends and family!

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