Celebrate a Decade of the Acorn Restaurant This Friday, August 5th

Acorn restaurant is celebrating a whopping 10 years of business this summer, and they’re doing it right: with a day-long street party.

On Friday, August 5th, from 1-9pm, our friends at the Acorn are inviting one and all to join them for a good old-fashioned block party to celebrate the milestone of their first decade, and to thank the community of local food-lovers who have supported them throughout the years.

Put aside a good chunk of time in your afternoon and/or evening after work (it is Friday, after all) to enjoy as much veg-forward street food snacks, wine, beer and cocktails as you can, along with other family-friendly activities planned for the day (think music, games, and vendors to shop). For those who want to commemorate the event and further support a community-oriented independent business (not to mention integral member of the local restaurant scene), the Acorn crew will also have some new merch available to purchase.

A full ten years of delicious and forward-thinking plant-based food is worth celebrating, and we certainly can’t imagine Main Street (or the city) without the Acorn as a part of it. After a couple of forecasted days of rain today and tomorrow, the sun is slated to return just in time for the Friday festivities…meet us there, it will be a blast!

  • Chef Devon Latte of The Acorn
  • Chef Devon Latte of The Acorn
  • Dev Is Stoked
  • Chef Rob Clarke | Late Spring Harvest | Acorn
  • image6
  • Piña Loca & Virgin Cocktail | The Acorn
  • Wild foraged mushrooms, Acorn
  • Acorn Brunch
  • Shira and Rob post foraging
  • From forest to pan, mushroom season
  • Foraged Mushroom Tart, Acorn
  • Acorn Sous Chef – Brian Luptak
  • Acorn Owner, Shira Blustein and Chef de Cuisine, Rob Clarke
  • Nasturtium Soup with spring vegetable velouté, fiddleheads, English peas | The Acorn
  • Harvest | Yam, Black Bean + Confit Potato Hash, Coffee roasted Carrots, Fried Poached Egg, Corn Puree and House Made BBQ Sauce | The Acorn
  • Acorn Brunch
  • Cocktails for Brunch at The Acorn
  • Acorn owner and GM Shira Blustein gathering wild pea tips
  • Acorn brunch
  • Foraging with Acorn
  • Scott (Acorn) stands out in corn costume
  • Acorn Brunch
  • Farmacie Dinner at Kipper's Organic Acres with Acorn Restaurant and Seven Stones Winery
  • Acorn Brunch
  • Acorn sous Chef Devon Latte, chef de partie Miguel McLennan and all around excellent dude (and amazing Chef)  Brian Luptak
  • Acorn Spring Foraging
  • Chef Brian Luptak easing a pumpkin in to the face of fellow Acorn kitchen staff
  • Acorn
  • Amuse at Acorn | Chef Devon Latte
  • Mushroom Haul At The Acorn
  • Chef Dev At Work | The Acorn
  • Farmacie Dinner at Kipper's Organic Acres with Acorn Restaurant and Seven Stones Winery
  • Acorn / Squash Blossom Dumpling | Golden Dumpling 2015
  • Acorn
  • Scott and Shira
  • Acorn Spring Foraging - red clover
  • Acorn under contruction
  • Shira sets the table
  • Beet-Dyed Couscous, w/ Acorn Foraged Pea Tips + Flowers, Elderflower Poached Turnips, Fiddleheads, Yarrow Cashew Cream, Elderflower Gastrique
  • Shira | The  Acorn
  • acorn bar

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