Further Afield in Nelson with Korina Langevin

The owner of Red Light Ramen Bar - a neat little neighbourhood noodle shop with a focus on ethically and locally sourced ingredients - shares her recommendations for eating, drinking and exploring around town.

Further Afield in Nelson with Korina Langevin

Photo of Korina by Vinnie Button.

Further Afield Trips asks locals in a town well beyond Vancouver’s city limits where to find the best places to eat, drink, chill, and have a good time. Think of it as the country cousin to The Dishes.

Today we take a journey to Nelson to hang out with Korina Langevin, owner of Red Light Ramen Bar – a neat little neighbourhood noodle shop with a focus on ethically and locally sourced ingredients. Check out her recommendations for eating, drinking and exploring around town below…

Good morning! Let’s start the day with a walk/hike in nature. Where should we go?

If you’re looking to break a sweat, I would recommend hiking Pulpit Rock. Bring a water bottle and don’t wear headphones! (You will want to be able to hear the wild mountain beasts.)

Pulpit Rock
Pulpit Rock, Nelson, BC

Is there somewhere along the way we can stop for coffee?

If you desire a true Kootenay coffee experience, escape to the iconic Oso Negro gardens for a Princess of Darkness extra dark roast coffee. If you’re looking to get into the scientifically obscure flavour notes of the specific beans and regions, try No6 Coffee Co.

Oso Negro Coffee
604 Ward St., Nelson, BC
No6 Coffee Co.
511 Front St., Nelson, BC

Now we’re starving! Where should we eat?

I would head down Victoria Street to El Taco for a burrito or a taco salad. The taco salad has a delicious cilantro lime dressing and is superb on a hot summer day. I also love Kurama Sushi for a bamboo rice bowl. The bamboo bowl is purple rice with sashimi from the Fisherman’s Market, and has a mouthwatering miso sesame dressing. Both great lunch spots.

Kurama Sushi
491 Baker St., Nelson, BC
El Taco
306 Victoria St., Nelson, BC

We’ve got some free time for an afternoon adventure. What do you suggest we do?

If you’re into plants, check out Bellaflora. Bellaflora is a well curated flower shop specializing in jaw dropping flower arrangements. Ideally, you would land at one of our farmer’s markets on a Wednesday or Saturday. There is a stunning waterfall at the Cottonwood Saturday market.

621 b Herridge Lane, Nelson, BC
Cottonwood Falls Farmers Market
Cottonwood Falls Park, Carbonate St., Nelson, BC
Baker Street Farmers Market
600 block of Baker St., Nelson BC

Where should we head for a post-adventure beer, glass of wine or cocktail?

The folks at Backroads Brewing are great. They make very crushable beers. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, you could try Nelson Brewing Co’s uphill neighbourhood tasting room. All of NBC’s beers are organic, if that’s your thing.

Backroads Brewing
Baker St., Nelson, BC
Nelson Brewing Company
512 Latimer St., Nelson, BC

Now we’re hungry again. What’s the plan for dinner?

Head to Pitchfork for a burger! Pitchfork uses quality meats so you can feel good about indulging. They also have a delicious wild mushroom burger and make excellent cocktails. Overall, it’s a beautiful room with great eats.

Pitchfork Eatery
518 Hall St., Nelson, BC

It’s patio season! What’s your favourite local patio?

Oso Negro, 100%. The patio is designed by David Fisher, a local landscaping celebrity – his work is spectacular. He works with Indigenous plants that are drought tolerant.

Oso Negro Coffee
604 Ward St., Nelson, BC

Any tips on a good spot to take in the view and watch the sun go down?

The Hume has a cool new pop-up patio. It’s a great spot to catch some afternoon rays, take in the new murals surrounding the patio, and enjoy a local pint. They also offer live music. Live music at restaurants is big in Nelson, and so is the restaurant DJ scene. Be sure to check out these events – there’s no cover and you get to enjoy a sunset golden hour live music set.

Hume Hotel
422 Vernon St., Nelson, BC

It’s time to catch some shuteye, where do you suggest we stay?

The Cloudside Hotel, the Adventure Hotel or the Best Western Plus on Baker Street. If you stay at the Best Western, check out Marzano. They have some great wines and pizza. It’s also a beautiful room to enjoy happy hour in.

Cloudside Hotel
410 Victoria St., Nelson, BC
The Adventure Hotel
616 Vernon St., Nelson, BC
Best Western Plus Baker Street Inn & Convention Centre
153 Baker St., Nelson, BC

Anything we absolutely have to pack in our suitcase while visiting?

Rolling papers. Nelson has been known as the Cannabis Capital of BC for decades. Be sure to support local cannabis growers like Dragonfly Earth Medicine, based in Argenta, BC. DEM focuses on regenerative growing practices, much like many local vegetable producers.

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