Reset With a Traditional Tea Ceremony at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Reset and add some extra depth to your tea-drinking experience by hitting the idyllic Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden for a relaxing afternoon of garden wandering, coupled with a private tea ceremony.

We had the honour of attending a ceremony last week. Accomplished tea expert and ceremony guide Lillian Li, took us through the process of identifying the subtleties of different tea flavour profiles interwoven with elements of the history and culture surrounding tea drinking in China. Her approach: “A tea ceremony offers a more in-depth experience of Chinese tea and culture. From one infusion to the other, sip by sip – observe, how the taste and aroma unfold and evolve, and how it connects to our body and mind.”

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden tea ceremony prices range from $80 to $125 per person, and a minimum of two people are required to participate. Each tea ceremony includes admission, traditional hand-made Chinese sweets to enjoy with your tea, as well as a teacup to take home (and a nice little discount in the gift shop too). Options are as follows:

1.5 hour Ceremony ($85/person)
Tasting of two specialty Chinese teas

2.5 hour Ceremony ($99/person)
Tasting three specialty Chinese teas

1.5 hour Ting Pavilion Ceremony
Tasting of two specialty Chinese teas and exclusive access to the Ting Pavilion (the pavilion ‘situated above the main garden courtyard which would otherwise be closed to the public).

Get more details here, and peruse our recent tea ceremony experience, with friend and fellow food-lover, Sam Shem (The Dessert Club) in the gallery below…

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