Casey Greabeiel and Chris Decock on Bringing an Alberta-Born Bar to Vancouver

Welcome to the Track & Food podcast. Host Jamie Mah is a writer, bartender and sommelier in beautiful Vancouver, BC. With co-host Mickey McLeod, they take regular deep dives into everything food and culture in the city and around the globe.

Taking over the old Bourbon bar on Cordova Street, Chris Decock and Casey Greabeiel – co-owners of Greta, Gastown’s new Arcade Bar – reimagine the nearly 9,000 square feet of space with a bustling high energy concept of arcade games, cocktails and signature fare. Taking cues from their two previous Greta iterations in Calgary and Edmonton, Decock and Greabeiel have helped to revitalize a dormant space while giving Vancouver a fun bar that everyone can enjoy.

I recently spoke with the two of them to find out more about their concept, how they got it off the ground, why they decided to expand to Vancouver and how they hope to establish themselves within the local community. Enjoy this chat as both Decock and Greabeiel give plenty of insights and enthusiasm.

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  1. Checking it out next week. Thanks so much. Gastown is dying and in desperate need of a revitalization and this place gives me hope!