A Look Inside Windfall Cider, Set to Officially Open Doors in North Vancouver This Weekend

Congratulations to our pals at Windfall Cider who officially make the jump from bottle shop to a full on sit-down-and-enjoy-a-crisp-cider gig this week.

Nathaly and Jeff Nairn may not have started Windfall Cider with the aim of opening a brick and mortar space but, during the pandemic, the duo found themselves personally making home deliveries to their core clientele, and as they connected more and more with the cool people who were loving their product, the idea of a tasting room space started to take shape.

Once the seed was planted, it wasn’t long before the space (250 Esplanade E, North Vancouver) found them and the process began. After a year of starts and stops that everyone can relate to, they are finally ready to open.

Although the back half of their 2000 square foot Esplanade location will continue to be used for production, the front of the space has been transformed into a bright, bold and playful 25-seat tasting room (with 12 more seats on a covered patio out front) where seasoned cider enthusiasts and neophytes alike can congregate to enjoy a cold glass of the stuff (Jackpot, Hail Mary, Northern Lights, Lost & Found, Sweater Weather, Rose Coloured Glasses, and Wild Card will all be available). The food program will be small and, as one would expect, designed to pair with cider – think, Mediterranean-inspired charcuterie boards, olives, dips from Nuba, JN&Z pepperoni and more.

The Windfall Cider tasting room opens on Saturday, March 26th. Hours will be 2-9pm, Wednesday-Sunday. Have a look inside via the photo gallery below and then see you there!

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  1. Wonderful initiative! Life is full of fighting people with a vision of progress! Congratulations on such a high achievement! Victory………