Sons of Vancouver Distillery Announces New April Fools Day Liqueur Line-Up Addition

The Goods from Sons of Vancouver Distillery

Vancouver, BC | April Fools Day is upon us and with it comes Sons of Vancouver’s well loved line up low brow liqueurs done really, really well. Beginning six years ago with “Coffee Liqueur Sucks”, Sons of Vancouver set out to reintroduce some fun to an industry they felt was taking itself a little too seriously. What’s wrong with a White Russian anyway? …Besides the name perhaps, in this political climate!

Each year the distillery has released its past line up with the inclusion of a brand new gaudy liqueur. This year’s new inclusion is the much divisive Creme de Cacao. Is a chocolate liqueur inherently tacky or have we been conditioned by years of having only tacky chocolate liqueurs to choose from? Sons of Vancouver believes the latter to be true and hopes to prove it with their really, really small batch craft Creme de Cacao.

A Chocolate liqueur unlike any you’ve ever tried, SOV’s Creme de Cacao uses only the finest cacao nibs sourced from the Philippines and, coming in at a whopping 40% ABV, this is not the dusty diamond shaped bottle sitting at the back of your grandmother’s liquor cabinet… but it does make a mean chocolate martini.

Try Sons of Vancouver’s updated Chocolate Martini from their resident bartender, Emmet Groves:

SOV Chocolate Martini

1 oz SOV Vodka
3/4 oz SOV Creme de Cacao
1/4 oz Lillet

Stirred and served up with a lemon twist.

This year’s Creme de Cacao and all the previous April Fools Day releases will be for sale on Saturday, March 26th, starting at 1pm, at the Sons of Vancouver Distillery and from Legacy Liquor Store.

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