Fable Diner Shares Cinema Inspired Menu, in Honour of ‘Love Day’

The Goods from Fable Diner

Vancouver, BC | Celebrate ‘Love Day’ with Fable Diner’s new menu of special features inspired by cinema’s famous date scenes. All of the features are available a la carte or as a three-course meal for $70 per couple, with optional wine pairings at $15 per person. Available for a limited time from Feb 11 to 14.


Cream of Leek soup – 10
From Bridget Jones Diary
We feel there is enough blue foods

Leeks, potato, cream (not blue in colour)
Suggested Wine Pairing (3oz) – Joue White, Cowichan Valley – 2020


Spaghetti & Meatballs – 21
From Lady and the Tramp
We encourage you to share the share the spaghetti noodles

House made meatballs
Suggested Wine Pairing (3oz) – Joue Red, Cowichan Valley – 2020

Pastrami on Rye – 19
From When Harry Met Sally
I’ll have what she is having

House made meatballs, house made rye bread, mustard, slaw, fries
Suggested Wine Pairing (3oz) – Thornhaven Pinot Noir, Okanagan Valley, 2019


$5 Vanilla Shake
From Pulp Fiction
That’s a pretty ******* good shake

Vanilla Ice cream and vanilla whip, served with 2 straws

Banoffee Pie – 9
From Love Actually
Lucky you

Cheesecake, banana caramel drizzle
Both desserts suggested Wine Pairing (2oz) La Stella Moscato, Okanagan Valley – 2018

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