Sons of Vancouver Distillery Announces New Bartender, Emmet Groves

The Goods from Sons of Vancouver Distillery

Vancouver, BC | A jack of all trades is a master of none but often is better than a master of one. Emmet Groves has spent his life in the pursuit of skill; whether it be knitting or knife making, boxing or bartending, he would certainly agree he is no master. However, there might be an argument to be made when it comes to bartending… and full disclosure, he’s really not very good at knitting, but he wants to be!

Over 15 years of bartending in Vancouver, Emmet had the good fortune of gaining experience working under the likes of Ron Oliver, Josh Pape and Letícia Castro. All of them Alumni from the Diamond in Gastown, where you still might catch Emmet early week, if you’re lucky.

Although his career behind the stick was born in dive bars, his skill in drink construction was first honed at The Diamond where he quickly moved up to managing the bar and finally took on the role of General Manager. Since then he has called many of Vancouver’s great bars and restaurants home. While working at the Diamond in Gastown, Emmet first came across the Sons of Vancouver’s Number 82 Amaretto in 2015, when the instant house classic ‘California Chrome’ was added to their menu. Emmet has been a consumer of the Amaretto ever since, while visiting the distillery on occasion. On one of these trips to North Vancouver he offered to step in and cover any shifts the bar needed. One thing led to another and an agreement was struck (over cocktails!) to manage the 16-seat Sons of Vancouver Bar.

Constantly, and at times obsessively, in search of the perfect equal parts cocktail, Emmet urges you to try his ‘Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground’. Made with SOV Amaretto, The Woods Distillery Amaro and fresh lemon juice. Fresh, bitter and earthy, it raises an eyebrow as much as the spirits.

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

1oz No 82. Amaretto
1oz Woods Distillery Amaro
1oz Lemon Juice

Shaken and served up.

Catch Emmet behind the humble Sons of Vancouver bar Wednesday through Saturdays. He’ll mix something up with SOV’s spirits just for you. He is really good at it… he promises to work on his knitting.

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