Local Zero Waste Grocer ‘Livlite’ Now Hiring for Many Positions

The Goods from Livlite

Vancouver, BC | Livlite’s mission is to offer accessible zero waste, great-tasting groceries delivered to your door in Vancouver and North Vancouver, and we continue to expand into new products so that our growing customer community can do more of their shopping with us, everyday.

At heart, we are a group of people who are passionate about the real potential of eliminating unnecessary packaging, carbon, and other harmful environmental impacts that exist in retailing today. We are equally motivated to find terrific products and to build a sustainable, leading Canadian business.

Since our start-up in 2020, we are proud to have brought on-board over 290 local products providing terrific, 98% plastic-free food and grocery-related items.

We will soon open a new, larger order filling and pick-up centre at 807 Powell Street in Strathcona, and we are looking to add members to our team.

We embrace a healthy, fulfilling and inclusive workplace. This starts with meaningful career and skill growth opportunities, paying living wages, flexible work arrangements, and community involvement.

We are currently recruiting for several positions in operations, product and marketing.

Click here to see the job postings.

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