Check Out These Keto Friendly Options from Memphis Blues BBQ

The Goods from Memphis Blues BBQ

Vancouver, BC | ATTENTION, HEALTH NUTS AND RESOLUTIONERS: Have you found that you overdid it in December, and piled on a few more pounds than you were hoping?

Are you looking to make a dietary change that still allow you to enjoy your favourite dishes (SMOKED MEATS)?

Well, believe it or not, the Memphis Blues team can help with that.

You see, we offer KETO ALTERNATIVES to our standard meals. Keep your carbs and sugars locked away, and dive into leafy, meaty mains and sides that will ensure your body remains in a state of ketosis.

Although we are hard pressed to refer to ourselves as ‘health experts’, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your New Year’s goals. These keto options are available on-demand, and taste just as delicious as our standard offerings.

Contact Memphis Blues Commercial Drive at 604-215-2599 to learn more.

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