Fanny Bay Oyster Bar Seeking New General Manager

The Goods from Fanny Bay Oyster Bar

Vancouver, BC | Fanny Bay Oyster Bar is hiring a General Manager to join their management team.

Fanny Bay Oysters is the largest Canadian shellfish farming company, family-owned and operated. We grow oysters, clams, mussels, specializing in premium quality live half-shell oysters. In addition to our wholesale distribution, we own a bustling oyster bar and attached shellfish market in Vancouver to exemplify our “Tide to Table” philosophy and set the gold standard for oyster shucking presentation.

We are looking for a strong leader with creative ideas to integrate with our values of quality, sustainability, and locality. The core of our program will always be fresh seafood with beautifully paired beer, wine, and alcohol.

Experience with oyster shucking is not required, we want to train you on our program with proprietary literature and hands-on experience at our farms/facilities.

This position will work in tandem with our executive chef.

Candidates should have Front of House leadership experience (3+ years) including strong communication skills & commitment to teamwork.

Fanny Bay Oysters is a family company, committed to a positive work environment and long-tenured, happy employees.

This position is full-time and salaried. Compensation is competitive and based on experience. We value hard work, efficiency, and a work-life balance.

We believe that oysters are our region’s greatest culinary treasure, on par with the other fine ingredients from around the world. We want to create an enthusiastic, exciting atmosphere with knowledgeable employees; to be great ambassadors of the Pacific Northwest.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to

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