ARC Iberico Imports Announces New Weekly ‘Jamon, Conservas & Vermut’ Celebration

The Goods from ARC Iberico Imports

Vancouver, BC | Starting this weekend, we will open on Sundays from 10 am to 7pm to celebrate what we call ‘Jamon, Conservas & Vermut…The New Sundays!’

Nothing says “traditional” in Spain like gathering with friends and sharing a glass of vermouth and an aperitif.

It truly is the ideal way to spend a Sunday, sharing all of the week’s stories and anecdotes with the best company and the best Spanish food.

We want you to experience Sundays as a Spaniard because we are all about bringing Spain to Canada.

To top it all off, every Sunday at our Jamoneria, we offer 15% off our Jamon, Conservas, and vermouth.

If you join us, you may have the opportunity to observe our professional master ham carver in action. Please book your table through Opentable.

About Vermouth
Spanish vermouth is an aperitif in its own right, rather than just an ingredient in a cocktail or a tall drink with a mixer.

There are various types of vermouth, but did you know that all vermouth begins as white wine? The color comes from the caramel and spices that have been infused into it. Various spices, such as cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon, are used, and no two vermouth recipes are alike. Sweet vermouth has an alcohol content of about 15%, so treat it with caution.

If you want to try vermouth in Spain, you should know that, while it can technically be consumed at any time of day, it is traditionally consumed as an aperitif.

An aperitif, also known as an aperitivo, is a drink that cleanses the palate, stimulates the appetite, and aids digestion, making it ideal for getting you ready for the meal ahead. So, if you want to do it the Spanish way, order vermouth when you’re planning a big Spanish Sunday lunch. Or have one later in the afternoon on a Sunday when you’re starting to think about dinner.

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