North Van’s Sons of Vancouver Distillery Reviving ‘The Dark Manor Inn’ This October

Image via The Dark Manor Inn

The Goods from Sons of Vancouver Distillery

Vancouver, BC | Sons Of Vancouver Distillery is resurrecting Vancouver’s shuttered, haunted house bar. For the month of October the North Vancouver distillery is paying tribute to The Dark Manor Inn.

“The Inn closed in 2019 but since then it has become undoubtedly one of Vancouver’s most famous cult bars” says distillery owner James Lester.

“I really don’t know why it closed. I heard the owner went insane and they locked him up. We found all the memorabilia in an auction lot during COVID. Seemed like a good enough time as any to plan something fun for next Halloween” says Lester. The acquisition came complete with a nine foot coffin table. Guests can take home an original memory from the Dark Manor in the form of a cocktail swizzle stick. Be prepared to wait, SOV doesn’t take reservations and sitting on the patio in October is much less dramatic.

The North Vancouver Distillery and bar is open four days a week for the month of October.

Wednesday 5-9pm
Thursday 5-9pm
Friday 5-9pm
Saturday 1-9pm
Sun, Mon, Tues. CLOSED

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