Livlite Makes it Easier to Cut Down on Single Use Plastic Packaging

The Goods from Livlite

Vancouver, BC | An abysmal 9% of plastic gets recycled in Canada. The story behind the rest of the material is complex; it ends up in landfills, in the ocean, or gets shipped overseas and has untraceable outcomes. Plastic, unlike glass or metal, is finitely recyclable, meaning it can only be recycled 2-3 times.

I learned about these statistics a few years ago, and it made me pretty irate. That’s how my business, Livlite zero waste grocery, started. At Livlite we use returnable glass jars and 100% post consumer recycled paper bags to deliver groceries in, instead of single use plastic. As much as possible, we source food from local restaurants, food producers and farms to minimize our carbon footprint.

Moving toward the end of another year of pandemic problems, the environment has received little attention; the humanitarian crisis has overshadowed it. Accounts of the monstrous PPE numbers that now litter the earth, the reversal to single-use plastics for eating and drinking, have been noted – but what was the alternative?

In Vancouver we are seeing steps in a positive direction with reusable cup systems being introduced (like Shareables and the BYO app) and various cafes accepting reusable mugs again. We’ve also seen the launch of Reusables, a takeout app that uses stainless steel containers, which many well known restaurants like Bandidas Taqueria, Jam Jar and Autostrada have signed on to.

A total zero waste lifestyle isn’t necessary to have an impact. At Livlite, we’re about making it easier to cut down on single use plastic packaging. Ditch rice in plastic for rice in a jar or paper bag – easy!

Check us out at and until the end of October, if you’re a new customer, enjoy 20% off with code NEW2LIVLITE.

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