FROM THE COLLECTION // Proof of Past, Captured by a Local Street Photography Icon

H2015.10.9 – Foncie Foto of Arthur Erickson

FROM THE COLLECTION aims to introduce readers to the inventories of local art galleries, museums and other cultural institutions, not via official exhibition notes but by way of the people that help manage and maintain the collections themselves.

“There’s something extraordinary about transforming light, time, and chemicals into proof of having lived.”

In this edition of From the Collection, we hear from Erika Saul, Visitor Experience Lead at the Museum of Vancouver, about her familial connection to a local photographic icon and his work…

“There was one name that initially drew me to the museum — Foncie. He captured the (mostly) candid images of millions of Vancouverites during his five-decade long career, including many members of my family. Stumbling across these photographs as a child spurred so many stories about who they were, and where I learned that upon arriving to Canada, one of my grandparents first jobs was caretaking for Geoffrey Massey’s family, who was the partner of renowned Vancouver architect, Arthur Erickson, pictured here. There’s something extraordinary about transforming light, time, and chemicals into proof of having lived.”

Take a look at more objects in the collection here.

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