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The Goods from Lineage Ceramics

Vancouver, BC | The Lineage Ceramics Spring/Summer 2021 Collection pays homage to our roots with thoughtfully designed pieces made for everyday and special occasion culinary experiences.

This brand new collection is crafted around customer feedback and is inspired by pieces that we remember from our childhood. Featuring a deep noodle bowl, large family-style serving bowl, and Japanese-inspired sauce dishes and ramekins, pieces from this new collection are available in singles, sets of four, and bundle sets.

“This release is meant to fill the gaps in our current collection. When we launched last year, we introduced some of the most versatile sizes and styles for restaurants and family use, but there were always specialty shapes that we wish we had,” says Lineage founder Shuobi Wu.

These new pieces are available in our four signature glazes – Aqua Grey, Blackberry, Brandy Red, and Marshmallow – so they’ll complement anyone’s existing ceramics collection. As always, they’re durable, non-toxic, dishwasher-safe, and oven-safe under 400°F.

The collection has officially arrived and is now ready to shop. Head over here to start crafting your perfect table.

About Lineage | At Lineage, we believe in the art of simplicity and the importance of bringing people together. From spontaneous to elaborate meals, Lineage tableware aims to bring any meal to life while encouraging us all to gather, reminisce, and create new memories set around good food and even better company. Featuring handcrafted ceramics inspired by our family heritage, our collection has something that’s perfect for showcasing any meal you can dream up. We can’t wait to share our Lineage with you.

Are you interested in wholesale? We’ve designed with you in mind – ensuring every piece is high quality, durable, and timeless. With three generations of craftsmanship, signature design, and subtle-yet-memorable detailing, we’re proud and honoured to serve the hospitality community. Please reach out to and let’s have a chat.

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