On Sidewalk Patios Forever and the Subtle Art of Telling Bad Customers to F-Off

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This past Friday came with news of a continued decrease in new Covid-19 cases. Provincial health officers have confirmed that the curve continues to bend and they anticipate a further easing of restrictions as of Tuesday. If all goes well, this will include a return to bars and restaurants serving until midnight once again. As we await tomorrow’s announcement, we continue to cover how the industry is fairing amid gradual easing of Covid rules…

First up, as things begin to re-open, this article on tactfully telling badly behaved customers to F-off might come in handy:

It is time that we said ‘enough is enough’ to those who conflate service with servitude. When pushed too far, we should reach deep into our recipe book for an old classic: by combining a little dash of poise, two splashes of vigor, and a twist of charm, we can and should occasionally say, ‘f@$k off.’

In New York, re-opening has come with debates around proof-of-vaccination policies among some bars and restaurants in the city.

In a rare showing of bipartisan support, senators in the US have introduced legislation requesting an additional $60 billion in restaurant relief funds.

Turns out, after 16 months of closures, we’re not the only place seeing staffing shortages as bars and restaurants begin to reopen.

In a bit of good news, it looks like the patios that have opened as a result of Covid might become permanent fixtures around town.

Bon Appetit covers the stories of women who have been coming forward about experiences of racism, misogyny and sexual harassment and assault within the craft beer industry.

Similarly, women working in craft beer in Canada are also coming forward with their own allegations of sexism and assault.

While multi-billion dollar delivery apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats are incentivizing small businesses to remain with their services, they’re still prioritizing profit above all else. Eater explains:

…the apps might leave restaurants holding the short straw. According to DoorDash chief operating officer Christopher Payne, the company won’t take a financial hit based on the new plans’ structure: Instead, the 15 percent plan, known as DoorDash Basic, relieves restaurants of these fees by shifting “a higher portion of the delivery cost to the consumer,” as a press release noted.

In a follow-up to recent reports of sexism, racism and harassment at Lummi Island’s Willows Inn, protestors gathered at the restaurant to demand accountability.

The New York Times on the history of gay restaurants and their enduring legacy.

Vancouver food truck Shameless Buns will soon have a brick and mortar home on Fraser.

A new opening to check out: From the folks that brought us Di Beppe and Ask For Luigi comes Giovane Bacaro which opened on the ground floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim this past week!

And while some doors open, others close. Seattle-based Chef Edouardo Jordan has announced that he will be closing his James Beard Award-winning restaurant Salare as of July 3rd.

Bon Appetit shares the science behind nutritional psychiatry and what we are learning about the connections between what we eat and our mood.

Getting to the core of the issue: An apple detective (yes you read the correctly) has recently rediscovered 7 varietals of apple thought to have gone the way of the dodo.

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