Check Out These Plastic-Free Restaurant Options from Livlite Zero Waste Grocery Delivery

The Goods from Livlite

Vancouver, BC | You can now support local restaurants and food makers while cutting down on packaging waste! Livlite zero waste grocery delivery sources food from local restaurants, without plastic packaging. You can feel good about showing up for your restaurant community and making fewer trips to your garbage bin.

Some of your favourite restaurants, like Anh and Chi, source produce from Hannah Brook Farms in Burnaby, and so does Livlite. Get your weekly greens fix without the plastic bag; Livlite delivers field-fresh greens in 100% compostable/recyclable paper bags.

Cheese is an item that often uses plastic packaging, but Vancouver’s Blue Heron Creamery has worked with Livlite to offer a selection of their famous vegan cheese that comes in truly backyard-compostable paper.

Also in stock: Bandidas Taqueria’s burritos and their infamous Habanero Hot Sauce, as well as Chau Veggie’s ever-popular Lemon Citrus Dressing and Vegan Fish Sauce.

Livlite is a Vancouver startup shaking up how we buy groceries, and they want to hear from you! If there’s a restaurant product you want them to carry, reach out at

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