Sign Up Now for the Museum of Vancouver’s Artist-Led Natural Dye Workshop

Nature is blooming, spring is in full swing, and now is a great time to bring some of that beauty and colour indoors by signing up for the Museum of Vancouver’s ‘Bundle Dye and Hapazome Workshop’ on May 29th!

Led by CZarina Lobo, a Vancouver based natural dyer, the 2.5-hour-long virtual workshop will focus on two simple at-home processes using all natural materials, including the ‘Hapazome’ technique of flower and plant pounding (bonus: it’s arguably also an excellent therapeutic creative outlet for self-isolation inspired stress). By the end of the workshop, participants who follow along with CZarina will end up with their own unique floral printed bandana and drawstring bag, plus the know-how and set up for future self-directed fabric and paper projects.

Along with access to the online tutorial (Saturday, May 29th beginning at 10am), kits containing a few of the necessary tools have been assembled for pick-up from the MOV prior to the workshop. Attendees will still need to supply their own cooking pot, hammer and flat surface to use for the dying process, and are also required to gather their own selection of flowers and other fresh plants for use. Luckily, there’s still plenty of time get outside and make a fun day activity, or two, out of it! Some recommended plants to seek out on your foraging expeditions include: pansies, violas, marigolds, Japanese maple, smokebush, geranium, ferns, carrot and tomato leaves, strawberry, blackberry and currant leaves.

General admission to the online workshop, including the pre-packaged supplies, is $75 per person (plus tax and service fee). You can get more details and buy your ticket here.

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