You Need to Try the Next Level Takeaway Dinners from Gastown’s L’Abattoir

You Need To Try This is a running archive of all the awesome drinks and delicious dishes we’ve come across over the course of our professional and private lives.

If this pandemic has taught me anything it’s that takeout doesn’t have to be lukewarm ugliness devoured in the shadows. It can be warmed without ruin, beautifully plated and paired with proper drinks.

This feast from Gastown’s L’Abattoir restaurant was one of the best takeout meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of forking through. Included in the 2-person package was a dish of fresh Spring pea agnolotti lit with a lemony emulsion and scattered with side stripe shrimp; a green garlicky ballotine of Chicken Kiev centred with foie gras; sides of pomme purée, kale and BBQ asparagus salad; the restaurant’s signature bacon brioche; and a dessert of Rhubarb Charlotte finished with a bruléed honey top and a quenelle of whipped cheesecake. Not a crumb was left of any of it.

The menu changes every week, meaning that the dishes I’ve described above have now come and gone. Don’t fret, however, as just about everything L’Abattoir makes is on the exceptional side of excellent. This week’s menu looks just as good with its main event of 30 day dry-aged New York steak grilled over charcoal.

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