The BC Hospitality Foundation Announces ‘Oysters, Wine and a Good Time’ Event

The Goods from the BC Hospitality Foundation

Vancouver, BC | The BC Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) is delighted to announce it will receive 100% of the proceeds from an event focused on fresh, local and sustainable oysters, wine, and cider. The “Oysters, Wine and a Good Time” event on Friday, May 7th 2021 will give consumers a crash course on how to shuck oysters and tips for pairing them with both wine and cider. Ticket purchasers will receive a package that includes:

A dozen oysters (3 different types)
An oyster-shucking knife
3 sealed wine bottles from the Okanagan Valley’s Serendipity Winery
1 bottle of cider from Summerland Heritage Cider Co.

The Friday evening online event will be co-hosted by Andrew Paradis of Paradis Wines and Spirits, along with professional oyster shucker Scotty Bordignon of Vancouver’s Big Shucker catering. Scotty will go over the basics of preparing raw oysters, and Andrew will offer a guided tasting of 3 wines from the Naramata Bench’s Serendipity Winery. (Ticket purchasers will receive a 5 oz. glass bottle of each of the 3 wines, which is a standard single serving per wine.) There will also be a pairing with Summerland Heritage Cider Co. cider made from heirloom apples.

To book your spot please email Andrew at He and Scotty will deliver the oyster and wine packages between Thursday (May 6th) afternoon and Friday (May 7) morning for the evening online event. All deliveries must be to lower mainland addresses.

The event will raise funds for the BC Hospitality Foundation. Ticket purchasers who would also like to donate to the charity can do so online.

Oysters, Wine and a Good Time Event
Friday, May 7 2021
Time 7:00 p.m.

Tickets $75

About Paradis Wines and Spirits | Founded by Andrew Paradis, 2020. The Paradis Wines and Spirits team has over 50 years combined industry experience. Wines and Spirits have always been more than just a drink to us. We appreciate the story behind each bottle, and the dedication it takes Wine Makers and Distillers to get the final product in a glass. That’s why we carefully select partners from our own backyard to vineyards all over the world. So that our customers can relax, enjoy, and share the beauty we work so hard to accomplish.

About Big Shucker Travelling Raw Bar | Founded by Scotty Bordignon, 2018. Big Shucker is your ultimate raw bar experience. Fully customizable, to bring the best the ocean has to offer right to you. Understanding the nuanced flavours of the sea, you will be taken through the merroir, bringing farming practices and the people that farm oysters into light. Scotty and his team will provide an unparalleled exploration into oysters and caviar with the biggest personalities around.

About the BC Hospitality Foundation | The BC Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) is a registered charity that raises funds to support those in the hospitality industry facing financial crisis due to a health condition. In addition, the BCHF offers a scholarship program to foster the development of the next generation of workers and industry leaders.

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