Juke’s April ‘Good Frydays’ to Finish With April 30th Debut of New Chicken Sando

The Goods from Juke Fried Chicken

Vancouver, BC | You can’t mess with what made Chinatown chicken-and-rib joint Juke famous — but you CAN improve on it! To that end, Juke is closing out its April GOOD FRYDAYS features this April 30 by giving its signature Chicken Sando a brand new, so-fresh-and-so-clean upgrade perfect for spring and summer snackin’. Available in regular or ‘spicy boy’ varieties, the new edition of the Juke Chicken Sando kicks it up a notch with a lighter, brighter vinaigrette-based pickle-and-cabbage coleslaw and housemade southern-BBQ-inspired sauce and mayo atop its crispy-fried, buttermilk-marinated, local free-range chicken sandwiched between a soft potato roll. Juke’s Signature Chicken Sandos are $7 each with a discount on multiple orders.

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