Torafuku Offering Comforting Take Home Meal Sets for Mother’s Day

The GOODS from Torafuku

Vancouver, BC | Food is the universal language of love for many, and mom’s homemade meals are the epitome of love and care. Often a result of elaborate hours of planning, prepping, and cooking, mom’s homecooked meals bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the table – a feeling Steve Kuan, owner of Torafuku, has missed immensely since the onset of the pandemic. This Mother’s Day, Torafuku is serving up a delicate take out menu featuring Pan-Asian comfort foods that reminds him of mom and home.

Similar to the popular dinner set menus they have on offer, Torafuku’s 5-course Mother’s Day menu is a thoughtful spread. Mom can choose between a refined version of Hainanese chicken, a popular South Asian street food adapted from a traditional Hainanese delicacy, served with steamed Hainanese shiitake mushroom rice or a truffle dashi beurre monté sea bream, a tender fish highly regarded for its juicy flavour profile, paired with a creamy yaki udon. Brined overnight and steamed over rice for maximum flavour, the tender and boneless Hainanese chicken comes with a side of ginger scallion and a house made sambal which has been fermented for at least a week. The sea bream feature is a European fish poached in emulsified butter while the yaki udon is cooked in a cream sauce made by simmering sea bream bones with anchovy then topped with oyster mushrooms and napa cabbage.

To compliment its feature mains, the Mother’s Day set includes a salad tossed with Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, crispy quinoa, and a house made green goddess dressing; a delicate sea urchin omelette using local British Columbian red uni, Thai basil, and crème fraiche; and a grilled spring vegetable dish with asparagus, broccolini, house made XO sauce, and cured egg yolk. To end the night, mom can choose between the popular yuzu basque cheesecake with rhubarb compote or an elderflower madeleine cake adorned with seasonal fruit and white chocolate.

Torafuku’s specialty Mother’s Day menu is available for two weekends: April 30th to May 1st and May 7th to May 9th. At $85 for 2 or $170 for a family of 4-5, this menu is available for order online at Torafuku. Celebrate and cherish every moment from menu selection to enjoying the meal whether physically together or apart.

ABOUT TORAFUKU | Meaning “lucky tiger” in Japanese, Torafuku is nestled on the border of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown at 958 Main Street, offering elevated Asian cuisine by Le Tigre food truck owner Steve Kuan. Designed for sharing, the casual and inventive menu explores the borders of pan-Asian food with classical French and Italian influences. Dishes are playful in spirit and serious in execution, delivering vibrant interpretations of flavours traditionally found in Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Vietnamese cuisine. Every plate features seasonal ingredients sourced straight from local farmers. For more information, please visit

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