You Need to Try This Schnitzel Sandwich on a Beer Mustard Wiped Pretzel Bun

Photo: Sarah Annand

You Need To Try This is a running archive of all the awesome drinks and delicious dishes we’ve come across over the course of our professional and private lives.

Schnitzel is an uncomplicated standard commonly found in Austria and Germany but it seldom appears on Vancouver restaurant menus save for the few Alps-themed operations like the Jagerhof or the Alpen Club. Rarer still are schnitzel sandwiches, which is why I recently pounced on this salted pretzel-bunned beauty at Main Street’s excellent Published. It feels a little odd ordering something so basic at one of best and most interesting restaurants to open in the last couple of years, but it’s always fun to see how ambitious chefs play with and embellish the ordinary. The pounded pork is breaded and fried to a beautiful golden brown before landing its crunchy, tangy cap of kohlrabi sauerkraut and taking a generous, impactful smear of beer mustard. Good with a brew and tasty to the end.

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