Four Local Restaurants Team Up for New ‘Reusables’ Initiative Earth Day Promotion

The Goods from Bandidas Taqueria

Vancouver, BC | Four Vancouver restaurants are joining forces this Earth Day to help expand a new waste-free take-out program called Reusables. Reusables is an initiative that makes it easy for restaurants and customers to eliminate the need for single-use containers in a take-out order. Their metal containers are “checked out” of participating restaurants, and returned at the customer’s convenience.

Jamjar, Bandidas, Field & Social, and Kula Kitchen, the four restaurants that were part of the Reusables pilot program earlier this year, are partnering with Reusables on Earth Day to give you a discount and send a donation to the Environmental Youth Alliance. Here’s how it works:

– Sign up for a $5 monthly Reusables membership (this can be done anytime leading up to or throughout the day/night on Earth Day).

– On Earth Day (April 22nd), place a waste-free takeout order (using Reusables) amounting to $50 or more at either Bandidas, Jam Jar, Field & Social, or Kula Kitchen.

– The restaurant will take $5 off the order to reimburse the first month of your membership.

– The restaurant will also donate an additional $5 to the Environmental Youth Alliance.

Supporting local restaurants, reducing take-out waste, investing in youth education and leadership, AND you end up full and satisfied? This initiative is a total win for everyone this April 22nd.

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