PATIO CITY // Soaking Up the Expanded Beach Vibes at Kitsilano’s Lucky Taco

PATIO CITY is a new column that seeks out and celebrates the outdoor spaces that have helped Vancouverites endure a tough year. (Prefer takeout? We’ve got you covered here.)

SEATS: 42 | HEATED: Partially | COVERED: Partially

We begin this new feature by drawing attention to the 12-seat covered and heated patio at Lucky Taco. Located on Yew Street just up from Kits Beach, the outdoor space has long been a major day and night draw for beach goers, but did you know they recently added 30 curbside seats as part of the City’s Temporary Expedited Patio Program? As such, with its killer tacos, strong margaritas, welcome shade and ocean breezes, it has the capacity to rock some serious fiesta vibes.

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