John Bishop: ‘If I Ever Close, It Will Be on My Terms, Not Because of Covid’

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Vancouver, BC | One of Vancouver’s best-known restaurateurs says after a year of the pandemic, “adapting and being resilient” are now baked into the DNA of Vancouver’s restaurant scene.

“After a roller-coaster year, yesterday’s new COVID closure rules shutting down indoor dining underscored just how important it is for restaurants like ours to adapt, and just how important it is to be resilient, optimistic and creative,” said John Bishop. “Just before COVID, I was all set to close and retire after a terrific 35-year run, but I’ll be damned if it’s a virus that finally shuts me down. If I ever close, it will be on my terms, not because of COVID. So, we’re open and with the help of our customers we’re going to stay open. This whole thing has made me realize just how much I love this business and the people we get to feed every night.

“Like other restaurants in Vancouver, we’ve adapted. We’ve become experts at take-out, and we’ve developed delicious new menus that people can enjoy at home. Chefs and restaurateurs know that the restaurant business has never been for the faint of heart but look around today and you see an industry sector that refuses to go under. A few weeks back we all thought the vaccine was the light at the end of the tunnel, and we were hopeful. Now it looks like we will have to wait a little while longer. We’ll manage because we’ve learned to adapt over the past year. They don’t teach this sort of thing at business or culinary school but it would make a great case study, that’s for sure.”

Like other restaurants, Bishop’s was preparing for the Easter long weekend. Now, with the new closure rules, Bishop and his team at the 40-seat restaurant on West 4th Avenue are gearing up and taking orders from their “Bishop’s at Home” menu.

“From cream of leek and potato soup and steak tartare, to roast duck and rack of lamb, we’re ready like so many other restaurants to make Easter dinners special, even if you can’t join us inside the restaurant,” explained Bishop. “Vancouverites love their restaurants. We’re a city that likes hospitality and being with family and friends. With the support of their customers, local restaurants will be there when COVID is finally over. We’ve all heard people say that we’re all in this together, and there is no better example than our local restaurants. Customers want their local restaurants to thrive, and the next three weeks will be another example of how that bond has been reinforced and strengthened during the pandemic.”

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  1. Dear John,

    Thank you for continuing to provide us with delicious meals for at home dining. We feel both cared for and pampered. Your generosity and excellent hosting skills are appreciated. I enjoy calling in our order because your staff are always pleasant and accommodating.

    Your response to the ongoing Covid challenge is cheering indeed.

  2. Dear John

    Great inspiration for other restaurants to follow your great example! You are an icon in the Food Industry in Canada, congratulations on your commitment and amazing career. All the best your amigo. Chef Manuel