Fresh Roots Shares Earth Day ‘Seeding Change’ 2021 Social Media Campaign

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Vancouver, BC | #EarthDaySeedingChange2021 aims to ignite Vancouverites’ sense of collective power to make a difference for the planet during these times of isolation. Led by local eco-artist Amanda Suutari in partnership with local organizations Fresh Roots and Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, this social media campaign challenges Lower Mainland residents to post photos to an online gallery as they take creative actions to care for the planet for a chance to win prizes (zero-carbon-printed, nature-inspired fine art donated by Amanda Suutari as well as eco-friendly gifts from local businesses). Winners for Most Creative and Most Impactful actions as well as draw winners will be announced live on Earth Day.

Sensing the cumulative impact of individual actions:
“We hope that the simple act of sharing images of positive actions of community members young and old will inspire and amplify the idea of reciprocity between humans and the natural world,” says Fresh Roots’ Caroline Manuel. Adds Elise Barber of Kiwassa Neighbourhood House: “We know that having a sense of belonging and community is vital to our lives, and even more so during this pandemic when many are struggling with social isolation and lack of connections. This campaign allows us to connect at a distance and feel a part of a collective environmental movement with our neighbours.” Finally, Amanda Suutari believes in the power of art and stories to activate and unite. “Each posted image tells a story, and a whole gallery of posted images takes on a life of its own. I hope this gallery becomes a visual resource bank of ideas for new ways we can regenerate and heal the planet.”

20 Actions Towards a Lighter Footprint:

1) Become a member of the Thingery or Vancouver Tool Library.
2) Make some homemade cleaning solutions or toiletries.
3) Put a ‘No Junk Mail Sign’ on your mailbox.
4) Plant a tree.
5) Try to go zero-waste for a day, a week, or longer! See if you can hold all the waste you produce in one jar.
6) Make a portable utensil kit for your backpack or purse.
7) Start using bamboo toothbrushes.
8) Repurpose something you would ordinarily throw out.
9) Set up a rainwater collection barrel outside your home to use to water your garden.
10) Consider calculating and offsetting your carbon emissions.
11) Speak up if you notice wasteful practices in your workplace or community and suggest alternatives.
12) Plant wild clover to replace your lawn.
13) Put a bell collar on your cat to prevent him/her from catching wild birds.
14) Plan one night without any electricity use.
15) Set up a mason bee condo outside your home.
16) Set up a clothesline in your yard.
17) Attach a bidet to your toilet to reduce toilet paper consumption.
18) Buy something upcycled from a local artist.
19) Become a CSA member for the summer.
20) Write an email, sign a petition, or make a phone call about an issue you care about.

About the Campaign Partners:
Amanda Suutari is an artist based on the Coast Salish, Musqueam and Squamish territories. She is passionate about the power of art and storytelling to regenerate the planet. You can follow her on Instagram @amandasuutariart or visit her website where you can find her paintings and eco-leaning fine art merchandise for sale.

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House is a gathering place where people of all ages, cultures and walks of life can make friends, participate in programs, find resources, share ideas, and contribute to community life.

Fresh Roots grows more than gardens – they grow communities. They transform urban spaces to create thriving neighbourhood gathering places for learning, sharing, and connecting.

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