East Van Roasters’ 2021 Easter Collection Includes Bean-to-Bar Bunnies, Eggs, Turnip Pops

The Goods from East Van Roasters

Vancouver, BC | Pay it forward this Easter by picking up adorable bean-to-bar chocolate treats from East Van Roasters (319 Carrall St., Vancouver) in classic spring-inspired flavours. From nostalgic cookies and cream to sophisticated lemon-pistachio praline, East Van Roasters has goodies to satisfy every taste. The 2021 Easter collection includes chocolate Bunny Buddies, boxes of delicate chocolate eggs, and vegan white-chocolate ‘turnip’ pops. These artisanal chocolates are made using only organic, fair, and direct-trade cacao without refined sugar. Every purchase you make from East Van Roasters directly benefits the social enterprise’s peer-mentorship program that supports women living in the Downtown Eastside community who are reentering the workforce.

East Van Roasters 2021 Easter Collection:

Coconut White-Chocolate ‘Turnip’ Pops, $3.50:
Vegan coconut white chocolate sprinkled with toasted coconut, with ‘turnip’ tops coloured using spinach powder.

Chocolate Egg Box, $20 nine-pack:

Crispy Salted Caramel: half crispy organic brown rice in chocolate, and half buttery chewy caramel in a 70 per cent Madagascan chocolate shell.
Peek-A-Boo Lemon-Pistachio Praline: pistachio and lemon praline, sandy pistachio pieces, and candied lemon zest in white chocolate.
Cream Earl Grey: 70 per cent Peruvian dark chocolate egg filled with a creamy Earl Grey-infused Dominican Republic chocolate ganache.

Bunny Buddies, $16.50 two-pack:
Also sold individually, available in-store only for $8.

Cookies & Cream Bunny: white chocolate studded with house-made cookie pieces.
Toffee Bunny: Solid 70 per cent Peruvian chocolate bunny with crunchy toffee pieces.

The 2021 Easter collection is available now at East Van Roasters, open from 12-5pm Tuesday to Saturday, and online at eastvanroasters.square.site for advance ordering and Canada-wide shipping.

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