Beaucoup Bakery Launches New Hot Cross Buns, Inside Yolk Buns and Chocolate Eggs for Easter

The GOODS from Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Vancouver, BC | This spring, Beaucoup Bakery (2150 Fir Street) brings a playful and prehistoric theme to its Easter Collection. Available starting March 12, 2021, guests are invited to set foot in the Jurassic era with dinosaur chocolate eggs, dinosaur-shaped chocolate, a T-Rex-Misu, and hot cross lava buns. Other items include classic brunch items, including croissants, hot cross buns, and a new breakfast bun.

“My team and I had a lot of fun creating our first Easter Chocolate Collection,” says Betty Hung, who co-owns Beaucoup Bakery with her brother Jacky Hung. “The love for dinosaurs spans generations, and we definitely wanted to create something both families and their kids could relate to, especially during these times. We certainly hope our guests will enjoy hunting for our Easter eggs!”

Beaucoup’s Easter Chocolates Collection features dinosaur eggs in two sizes:

– The vegan Eggstinct ($9.95), a 3.5” pistachio almond praliné chocolate and pistachio nut filled dark chocolate egg

– The large Dino-mite ($49.95), a 7" milk chocolate egg filled with fruit-flavoured mini dinosaur-shaped chocolates (passion fruit, strawberry, yuzu), chocolate covered cacao nibs, and dark chocolate and salted caramel crispy pearls. Crack the egg with the accompanying wooden mini hammer. Three lucky eggs have a $75 gift card hidden inside.

– The T-rex-misu ($7.95) is Beaucoup’s version of the tiramisu, composed of a banana caramel and compote, coffee mascarpone cream, blondie and brownie pieces, and housemade ladyfingers soaked in coffee and rum. The dessert comes with a dark chocolate dinosaur, cornflakes, chocolate cocoa nibs, and crispy pearls.

For brunch items, Betty has created two hot cross bun flavours: the classic with housemade brioche with rum-soaked currants, candied orange and lemon peels; and the Hot Cross Lava Bun ($5.95), featuring a brioche hot cross bun filled with vanilla pastry cream and hazelnut praliné paste.

For something savoury, try Beaucoup’s new Inside Yolk Bun ($5.95) with chili, a smoked soft boiled egg, cheese, and topped with yuzu togarashi.

Guests can pre-order the entire collection online for pick-up via its website or walk-in for limited quantities at the bakery daily.

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About Beaucoup Bakery | Beaucoup Bakery & Café opened its doors in December 2012, offering French-inspired pastries. The reason for opening Beaucoup Bakery was simple, to leave the world a happier place, even if through something as simple as a cookie. The company’s priority is to put care and pride into everything it does, from the ingredients used and the little details that go into the baking, through to the way the company treats valued customers and friends.

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