Sons of Vancouver Distillery Releases First Ever Whisky Through Crowdfunding Campaign

The GOODS from Sons Of Vancouver

North Vancouver, BC | Sons of Vancouver Distillery is releasing their first whisky ever through a crowdfunding campaign. This is their third crowdfunding campaign since opening and it appears they have cracked the crowdfunding nut.

“We couldn’t believe it when we got to work on Day 2 of the campaign and we were 85% of the way to our funding goal with 27 days left in the campaign,” says owner James Lester. The campaign, done through the online platform Indiegogo, was started as a way to raise money to fund whisky production and as a platform for Sons of Vancouver to sell their first bottles of Whisky, that has been maturing in barrels since 2015.

“We will put the money to good use to fund future whisky production, but I really don’t think people care where the money goes, as long as they get the whisky perk they paid for.” said James. The campaign quickly announced a stretch goal for an additional $20,000 to fund even more whisky production.

The perk with the highest demand is no surprise, their first whisky release called “Cigarettes on a Leather Jacket”, a cask strength rye whisky that is available in March, 2021. Other perks include the first bottles expected to be released in 2024, from the barrels SOV are funding to produce and a Whisky Advent Calendar. “My favourite is the Advent calendar.” said James, “Its 24 days of excellent rye and single malt blends with a few fun whisky liqueurs thrown in. We had to ask our graphic designer to work overtime on the stretch goal design.”

The campaign runs until March 23rd, at which time the perks will start to be distributed to our supporters who participated in the crowdfunding campaign. James wishes to express his sincere thanks for all of the kind support for Sons of Vancouver.

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