We Want Our Hands on JoieFarm’s Limited Release Cans of Rosé and Tiny Bubbles

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. Cool Things We Want is an archive of those earthly desires.

Wine lovers be at the ready, because JoieFarm has just announced the upcoming second can release of their popular Noble Blend, along with two more wines available in the 250mL can format for the first time ever: Rosé and Tiny Bubbles. After the overwhelming popularity of last year’s single serving cans of Noble Blend, which sold out within only three hours of being released, the winery has decided to up the ante this time around. Cases (24 x 250mL) of each will be available separately or in mixed packs.

Although the exact date of this highly coveted drop is still unknown, a couple of things are absolutely certain: quantities are in short supply and demand is high, so if you want to snag some for yourself then you’d better be on high alert! Do that by keeping close watch of JoieFarm’s social media for important announcements, and by bookmarking this link to their online shop so you’re ready to pounce. Best of luck!

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