Go From Meet Cute to Marriage In Five Courses This Valentine’s Day at Say Mercy!

Say Mercy | Image via Katie Cross Photography

The GOODS from Say Mercy!

Vancouver, BC | Working shoulder to shoulder for 5 years bonds you, but when you bubble together for a year to make it through a pandemic, your relationship really takes that next step! Executive Chef Sean Reeve and Chef de Cuisine at Say Mercy! Mathew Bishop celebrate their 5 year workaversary with a 5 course tasting menu that explores how opposites attract.

‘I basically grew up on a farm’, says Chef de Cuisine Mathew Bishop who grew up in Abottsford around vegetable gardens and animals from the time he was young. ‘I wanted to cook so I got out and looked for places I could grow and develop my ideas’. With an ambition to learn he moved to Vancouver eventually getting hired at The Mackenzie Room and exploring the bounty of BC through international cuisines and techniques. ‘I guess I kinda brought the farm to the table!’.

Executive Chef Sean Reeve and Chef Mat spent 5 years curating how to create and innovate together and it was a natural pairing that they open Say Mercy! where they could explore the concept of Italian through the lens of American Barbeque.

The 5-course menu will read like an ode to their little ‘love story’ starting with an oyster dish called ‘Two Heads of the Same Coin’, followed by the first dish they created together, ‘Flava’ in ya Ear’ which is a caramelized endive salad. Chef Mathew will explore the comfort of chicken noodle soup through a delicate pasta structure called ‘Kid Campbell’, and as a main they’ll look to end the evening with their sorghum glazed Pork Hock on Dirty Farro. Oh, and for dessert? You’ve heard of Oh Henry? We call it, Oh Mercy!, a chocolate and peanut butter classic refined by some old-world elegance.

The tasting is available Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th by reservation online (www.saymercy.ca) and runs a table of two $120. There are optional wine pairings available for $40/guest. The meal contains allergens (dairy, gluten, peanut, oyster, egg). Chef has also prepared a take-home option for your enjoyment, if you want an intimate night at home!

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