This Beautifully Retro-Futuristic Restaurant Was Specifically Designed For Scientists

Restaurant Porn is a column of daydreams presented as a means to introduce BC diners and designers to concepts, looks, and fully-formed ideas that they might draw an inkling of inspiration from.

(via) I’m not a little mesmerized by the new restaurant at ATLATL Innovation Cluster, a research and development platform for life sciences located in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang hi-tech business park. The 200-seat, two-level, 5,200 sqft retro-futuristic stunner with a dome feeds high level researchers and scientists of many different stripes from departments and agencies that specialize in everything from biology to semiconductors.

– Images by Shao Feng –

Designed by architects Qianyi Lin and Dongzi Yang of Various Associates, the two floors are dominated by the atrium’s ‘floating’ ring. The client apparently requested a futuristic spatial atmosphere, which they received in soft curves, planetary orbit-inspired circles, newfangled resins, glass panels and mirror-polished steel set in a soothing palette that includes greens, blues, yellows and different shades of grey.

  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-07
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-10
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-15 (1)
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-18
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-20
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-22
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-24
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-25
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-28
  • ATLATL-Restaurant-Shanghai-Various-Associates-Yellowtrace-39

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