PiDGiN Announces Christmas Dinner Kit, Reveals Menu for New Year’s Eve

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Vancouver, BC | This year was tough — no need to mark the end of it with dry, tough turkey on your holiday table. We’re making it easy to impress your family with our turkey crab neptune ballotine — juicy, moist, perfectly cooked turkey stuffed with crab, scallop and side stripe prawns. We’re only making ten of these, so order yours asap before they’re all gone. Happy holidays!


Hannah Brooks Farms, Ruskin BC, Burnaby BC
Klippers Organic Farms, Cawston, BC
Rossdown Farms, Abbotsford, BC


Price: $150
Skill Level: Beginner
Feeds: 2, very well
Prep / Cook Time: 40 Mins
Keeps In Fridge 3 Days
Dietary Restrictions: see our site


roasted winter squashes with a soy-yuzu-brown butter vinaigrette, sage, hazelnut

turkey “neptune”: scallop mousse with crab and side stripe prawns, turkey jus

confit fingerling potatoes, guanciale vinaigrette

smoked duck sautéed noodles, cucumber, carrot, bamboo

torn pannetone, tapioca pudding, yuzu curd, mulled wine jelly

NEW YEAR’S EVE | This year was one we won’t soon forget. Amidst the uncertainty, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new year, bringing new possibilities along with it. We are so grateful for what we do have — a resilient team we call family, communities that support us and our vision, wonderful local suppliers we share this land with, and of course, incredible food and drinks to keep us fighting through the many obstacles that arise in our industry.

To end the year, we wanted to bring all of these elements together for an evening to remember. Delicious food and drinks created by our team, honouring the bounty of wonderful products our suppliers grow, to share with you — our community. An experience to mark the end of the old, to welcome the new.

We’re pulling out all the stops for this luxurious meal. This year, we won’t be able to accommodate any substitutions — please make sure the menu fits your dietary needs, as is. Head over to Tock to book a spot in our especially limited seating this year.


canapés /
ume daikon with wasabi tobiko
smoked chicken heart, potato, mayo, shiso
oyster, half shell, ponzu mignonette
foie torchon, mantou bun, quince chutney

miso soup, clam, leek, squash flan

tempura / maitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, sanshozuke mayo

northern divine caviar, dungeness crab and buckwheat crêpe, crème fraîche

tajarin, sea urchin, guanciale pickled sablefish, uni cream, bottarga, shiso, toasted sesame

magret duck, seared foie gras, miso pomme anna, smoked carrot purée, organic carrots, fermented bok choy, five spice jus

yuzu sorbet

pannetone, blood orange curd, truffled cheesecake espuma


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