Five Years Ago This Week, Inside the Messy Beginnings of a Mt. Pleasant Diner

For this week’s edition of Throwback Thursday we go back exactly five years to the week we first took a look inside the construction of Fable Diner.

Co-founder/chef Trevor Bird showed me around the space that day just prior to Christmas, 2015. Though Bird is no longer a co-owner of the restaurant it has remained a reliable neighbourhood fixture and has long been one of my kids’ top spots of choice, largely on account of their insanely good milkshakes.

Here’s an excerpt from my notes from the day, as well as a bunch of photos…

“Located in what used to be Reno’s Diner at the base of the historic Lee Building, Fable Diner is set to open this summer with modern takes on classic diner breakfasts, lunches, and dinners […] They started demolition a few weeks ago and are well into it now. It looks as if they have their work cut out for them, stripping the big space back to basics before they start building it up again. Everything is getting tossed, from the booths and pony wall to the weirdly shaped bar and cafeteria-style kitchen line.”

Take a closer look

  • IMG_3288
  • IMG_3287
  • IMG_3305
  • IMG_3301
  • IMG_3295
  • IMG_3284
  • IMG_3299
  • IMG_8882
  • IMG_3306
  • IMG_3298
  • IMG_3297
  • IMG_3292
  • IMG_3290

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