Bells & Whistles to Tap Three Rare Lambic Kegs Starting at Noon on Christmas Eve

The GOODS from Bells and Whistles

Vancouver, BC | Let the holiday celebrations begin early this year, as we tap three very rare Belgian Lambics during the day on Christmas Eve at our Bells and Whistles Fraser location! Precious few of these kegs make it to North America, let alone BC. To thank you for the support this year, we’ll be tapping the Tilquin Gueuze, Cantillon Kriek, and Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus starting at noon on the 24th!

All three of these highly sought after Belgian Lambics are spontaneously fermented, aged in barrels, and blended with barrels of different ages. The Tilquin Gueuze for example, is straight gueuze blended with one and two year barrels, making for an incomparable wild sour beer. The Cantillon Kriek & Rosé de Gambrinus both follow similar fermentation processes, but with the inclusion of sour cherries for the Kriek, and raspberries for the Rosé. Each of them has 200g of fruit per litre of beer!

These famous Lambics take years to age & ferment, and they’ll be enjoyed in a whirlwind! Bells & Whistles isn’t open during the evening on Christmas Eve, thus making this event daytime only. So come down early, treat yourself, and set the perfect tone for the rest of your holidays!

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